I'm The Little Brother

Hey there! My name's Zachary and I work at the greatest place I could imagine existing.  

LAN Mob was an idea that my brother, owner Aaron Wade, had cooking up many years ago.  It was when I was still in high school where my best friend and co-worker, Cody, and I would dream of the day where LAN Mob was open for everyone to enjoy.  We'd imagine the life behind the front desk where we would help people pick out their favorite gaming titles.  A job where the biggest hassle would be mopping the floors at the end of the night after picking up snack wrappers and empty energy drink cans.  We'd come to know the regular faces very well and the community would build itself and flourish effortlessly.  

That was almost seven years ago.  In that time I managed to finish high school, get my associates degree from community college, transfer to two different SUNYs, do some minor touring with my band across the state, move away from home, change majors, and move back home again.  I entertained the thought of LAN Mob every so often.  It was usually when working my job as a bar cook in Buffalo, NY where I'd drool over the thought of working at a LAN center (usually onto dried up fries that sat under the heat lamp for too long).  After all this time and effort that Aaron (AKA Bossman) put into finding a location, pitching the idea of a new entertainment alternative in small town Rome, NY, and running what ended up being an unsuccessful GoFundMe, a world with LAN Mob was looking bleak.  

It wasn't until about eleven months ago where we found a Bossman with renewed vigor prepared to move forward with LAN Mob at property that he owned in Rome.  A few of us rallied up and spent two weekends in March painting the space.  It felt great to get that first step behind us.  This idea that was being thrown around, a distant dream to some of us over the last few years, was finally coming to life!  We spent a lot of our energy in the spring/summer on keeping the dream alive.  Desks were built, computers ordered, chairs assembled, our entire network configured in a very lengthy and patient process (thanks, Bossman).  There was constant planning for opening day;  we would discuss what products we would offer, what concessions we would sell, what our gaming library would consist of, and how we would make the idea of LAN Mob attractive to any and all gamers.

It became clearer that this wasn't a job where the biggest hassle was cleaning up at the end of the night.  Even now we are continuing our efforts to grow and expand.  It takes constant pressure in pushing one another to build LAN Mob.  Though I will say I'm happy with what we've accomplished so far.  Whenever I work one of our overnight lock-in events on the weekend I try to take a moment to realize that this is the dream.  I'm surrounded by people who have a passion for video gaming.  They aren't just sitting alone in a dark room grinding hours away on World of Warcraft (not to say that I haven't been there) but instead they are playing together, laughing when something funny happens in Super Smash Bros, or maybe letting out a triumphant roar when they turn around that 1v2 dive in League of Legends.  What we have here is community.  Though small, it is a voice.  Our number one goal at LAN Mob is to provide value to our community.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

That's my story so far.  I'm still a bronze ADC main in LoL though I plan on grinding to gold this year, or die trying.  On the weekends you might catch me trying to take on the competition at our staple LML Super Smash Bros 4 series as many are fighting for our yearly sponsorship event on September 26th later this year.  

I'm very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the team at LAN Mob as well as all the people I've met and reconnected with because of it.  I'm right at home and around the people I love every day.  It doesn't get much better than that :^)

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